23 November 2012

News by Beau from Oude Pekela/NL

once again we have received a message from our “Knallerbse aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” living in Oude Pekela/NL. She is a sister of King and Baci.

Hi Conny,

first of all congratulations on your latest results at the shows. We visit your site almost daily.

Here once again a message from Oude Pekela/NL. Beau is doing extremely well. She is a real cuddling dog. Has a great coat and has no gramm of fat on her body. Every day she makes a stiff walk and madame is feeling like a queen. She can’t stand the fact that we are going by car. Which is not quite correct, as we can’t see it that if driving by car and see her placing her head on the window-sill looking at us with a sad expression. So what do you do than? Exactly… stop the car, open the frontdoor to the house and take her with you. Yes, this is how it is done overhere. But we do not have any other problems with her.

Two pictures of her have been attached.

With king regards,

Ciska Brouwer.