9 November 2016

Mückes and Aspens Puppies 3 weeks old and 4 weeks


The little puppies are growing slowly. They are now 3 weeks old and they are all doing very well. Of course, the biggest puppy is more than twice as heavy as the smallest! But he has grown perfectly in proportion to his birth weight. Slowly but surely, the puppy box is getting too small. Yesterday, on Tuesday, I let them move into the big puppy run. They made a fuss at first because everything is new, but it did not take long with the help of mom “Mücke” for the little ones to get used to the new environment. As always, I tried after 14 days to feed them with warm beef mince at 38 degrees, but ‘their royal highnesses’ had no desire for real food. This has changed at the weekend however. Now the 5 are eating mince  2x daily. “Mücke” can hardly wait to finally eat the leftovers!

The girl “Patchwork”

3-weken-patchwork-1 3-weken-patchwork

the Benjamin “Potpurri”  and “Pulverfass”


Priceless and Phantom


Mücke Welpen

4 weeks the girls




Phantom and Priceless




Potpurri and Pulverfass