28 July 2011


Last weekend the move of our puppies started. Luckly not all at the same time, so that we  slowly get used to the emptyness. Our Komkommer moved to France, Kirroyal and Kirschcake travelled to northern Germany and today Knödel together with his brother Kipcurry emigrated to Hessen. Tomorrow Kölsch will go to Cologne and this Tuesday, Kaffeelatte will fly to Estonia. Krokant becomes a Swiss citizen and 2 remain in Belgium for a little longer period of time. Also Mamma “Pebbles”will go back home tomorrow. She has been a wonderful mummy who still plays very loving and caring with her puppies daily. We enjoyed watching her joyful way of educating het youngsters. From the north German girls we have received the first pictures.

The “welcomdrink”: A bottle of Krombacher beer…..  getting-a-welcome-drink-in-her-new-home

her sister “Kirroyal is amazed


“Kirschcake” has found HER place


but outside is more beautiful to sleep