10 November 2018


Waiting for their cuddles,

Otto and Sonja the OES puppies and Little “Lola” the Bearded Collie puppy

and Little “Lola” (Firstprizebears Rio Grande) had a Visite from her new Mum Su Jones and her “ount” Helen Hards from UK end of Oktober. She got her first bath and of course lots of photos were taken

Morning rituals.

The so much wanted and loved toast with sausage. 2 pieces each in order of status over here. Afterwards a chewingstick

Prada is hidden very much on the left side

In the kitchen….

This plate was filled with 2 sunnyside up baked eggs and 2 more were in the pan BEFORE i left the kitchen to open the frontdoor. This is how i found it after i came back 10 minutes later. Norman was sitting at the backdoor and was looking like: i have done nothing, Prada was on the Couch and Anna were licking serveral times her beard.