31 May 2022

Lilou and Cooper’s Puppies

Last weekend in May our 3 puppies Aramis, Bommel and Louis were out with the world’s best dog sitter Daisy and her son Ian. Very nice photos were taken.




Vivian Westwood was the first to move out. She has a friend in her new home, the cat.


In the meantime our puppies are 9 Weeks old. We weight  them  and they had between 9,5 and 10 KG at this age. Really bodybuilders.  This is a special litter as this 7 puppies will go into  5 different countries as: Germany, Netherland, Austria, United Kingdom and Guatemala.  This means we are busy with a bunch of puppies until 15 weeks old and have to entertain them and socialize them. Quite a job, but also fun.

this are the the boy who must stay with us until 15 weeks.

Aramis     ( Van Cleef)                                                                                      Bobby  (Valentino II)


Bommel (Van Bommel)                                                                                   Maxime ( Van Laack)


and Louis (Louis Vuitton)

the puppies are nearly 6 weeks old. A relaxed sunny sunday at home with the dogs and the puppies

Today on Saturday new pictures, now 4 weeks and 2 days old.

the boys No.   2 and  1

boys no.  3 and 4

boys no.  6 and  7

our princess number 5


Monday we quickly took a few pictures. The puppies are already 3 weeks and 5 days old

the 6 boys


and our princess


our pirate…