13 November 2011

Life writes the best stories

got this email from Rita Tali/Estonia

Here are some pictures taken today after our grooming session. Kaffelatte has a super character -she wants to please with every step, plays nicely with our smaller dogs (dachshunds are sure sheis a pillow).
We were at a big CACIB show in Latvia last weekend and Kaffelatte waswith us just for socializing and getting used with the hotel-life etc. At the ring side we had a funny episode when a Latvian woman came to us and asked if it was Bobtail puppy. I said yes and she said she had two males from Russia with the most exclusive pedigree – she added very proudly that in the 3rd or 4th generation of her dogs thereare “aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” bobtails – very very famous all over the world.
Then she asked where Kaffelatte comes from and when I said that straight from you – she took off her glassesand looked at Kaffelatte as if she was a big piece of Gold! So you ARE famous.
But enjoy the pictures and I hope that you like us. Today, in the age of 5 months and a couple of days her height is 49 cm.
So I think we are developing well.

Rita and the rest of the gang