21 January 2013

Kino’s first year

In December 2011, Kino aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal was born and moved to Lindlar (GE). Now, with Christmas we received mail with lots of beautiful pictures of the first year with “Kino”.

Dear Conny!

Many happy Christmas greetings from the Bergian Land are send to you by Family Katrin and Jörg Wolf, Ra-Shamba (the Tibetan Terrier) en of course by Kino. We had an exhausting but wonderful year with our bobtail girl. Kino kept us busy very well. Now with Christmas we finally had the necessary time to watch pictures. Our first  OES Bienchen where the funiest and the best Bobtail in the world. With Bohne (our 2nd OES Bitch) we already had lots of luck. Kino is also a stroke of luck. That she fits in the family very well can be seen on the pictures that we have send with this letter. For the coming year we wish you al the best, but health the most.

Greeting by Katrin, Jörg, Shamba and Kino

April 2012 – Kino’s favorit spot.


First caravan vacation on Fehmarn in April 2012 .


At the river Rhine – May 2012


Juni – Sacsonian Swiss -Forbidden to walk the stairs.


August 2012 – Kino is climbing from a unsteady chair on to a table and thinks it is great


December 2012 – AmVogelsberg – Kino, the climbing Bobi girl.


Tired and done