26 July 2020

No Shows :-(

Corona makes life difficult for all lovers of the dog show. We all  who love exhibitions  have no way of pursuing our hobby. Quite tentatively there are 1 or maybe 2 shows. Nothing Belgium and Holland  !!!! It is difficult to bear when you have beautiful young dogs that you would like to show. Very bad for bitches, you can actually only show them up to the age of 3, after which they should get their first litter. Young dogs only have the chance to win their youth titles until they are 18 months old. People are allowed to misbehave massively  on the Ballerman in Mallorca, but we are not go on an exhibition. DAMN!!

Masks also required for dogs in Belgium? ….. We are ready stylish in Ninibing34 designer mask



Lilou was visiting friends for a few days, she needs a change