3 October 2012

Int-Show Maastricht/NL 29-09-2012

Maastricht, the old beautiful and very cosy town, is on a stone throw away from us. 35 minutes driving to the Halls. The weather was almost to good to spend the day inside. But I had decided to participate, so I had to go. Mrs. B. Müller from Penylane OES, Switzerland, judged the OES and the Beardies. It had been some time ago since I showed under Mrs. Müller. I had entered our “Lasse” and “Jadore” and drove to the show with mixed feelings. Again just a few OES had been entered. Only 12. From these two came from the UK and one from Germany. The others where well known. Two males where present, the others didn’t show up. In the Youth Class Mrs. Müller had to deal with a very scared dog and we spectators where anxious to see if Mrs. Müller would come out of this struggle without a band aid or having to see a doctor. All OES received an Excellent. Also this dog. Mrs. Müller did not want to give him the Res-CAC, but due to his qualification this was not possible. It always makes me sad to see an OES who not has the typical kind character this breed should have. The Youth Class Bitches was manned with 4 beautiful but completely different types. Chris Beirendonk was present with her “Koko Chanell aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. But Coco thought everything was fun and ran like a “wild horse” thru the ring. Due to this she was placed 4th. The Intermediate Class failed, because people had made a mistake in the date of the show. In the Open Class there were also only 2 dogs, because the English where missing. “Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” was alone in the Champion Class. This didn’t bother Mrs. Müller and in no time, “Doro” was Best Bitch. Than, it became existing against de big male from the Champion Class with lots of coat. As I had already won Best of Breed, with my Bearded Collie, I did not expect that Mrs. Müller would give the BOB to the exhibitor for the second time. After we had run for one round she took her decision and it was for our “Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal“. Best of Breed. I was more than happy and not too many judges have the courage to take such a decision. To go into the Big ring with two breeds you have bred yourself is something special. Vicky van Tiggelen was so kind to stay until the end and to show Lasse in Group 1 in the Big ring. Due to this, I could concentrate on Doro. Vicky did that so well, that “Lasse” took the 3rd place. Our “Jadore became 2nd Best Dog of Group 1. The judge in Group 1 was Mrs. Kalinichenko from the Ukraine. A perfect day.

BOS Ch. Sweetexpressions Meet & Greet, Judge Mrs. Müller BOB und BIG 2 Ch. Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

BOB und BOS OES Maastricht

Doro during running

doro-movement Maastricht

Best Bitch “Jadore” and Res- CAC Angel Miss Milly from Stone

Beste-teef-en-res--teef,-judge-B. Mueller Maastricht

on the 4th place our “wild horse” Coco Chanell aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal with Chris Beirendonk, her owner.

Coco Chanell aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Maastricht 09-2012

Doro with her biggest fan in the Big Ring

Doro-Conny Maastricht 09-2012