20 December 2011

Holly is fast. 10 puppies in 4 hours

Holly had an enormous round belly and the 5 puppies that were seen on the echo could not be all. The deliverydate, day 63, should have been 21-12, but this she would not make. However, at Sunday was the Show in Brussels and we had 2 dogs entered.

On Fridaynight the temperature was 37,1 degrees celcius. That meant that Holly would deliver within the next 24 hours and that I, could not go to Brussels. At least that is what I thought.

 On Saturday afternoon at 16.00 hrs the first puppy was born and at 20.00 hrs number 10. It were 5 strong males and 6 girls. All have beautiful markings and the weights vary between 320gr and 420gr. More than satisfied. With this tempo it was clear to me that it would be quickly over and I still had to brush two dogs for the next day. Luckily Harry was so kind to take the nightshift next to the welphingbox and the responsibilities on Sunday. Deadly tired but happy.


Holly satisfied with her puppies in the whelpingbox


and today, 3 days old at the heatingplate cosy with the wellknow Hot-water- bottel Teddybear