18 August 2011

Finally holiday

It was two years ago, since we have had our last vacation. Now Harry and I wanted to finally relax again and enjoy some dog-free days. In April we planned very carefully when we could possibly go away. Not too far, but beautiful. We wanted to visit the northern part of the Blackforest to Freudenstadt. Everything was taken into consideration: who had to come into season, do we have puppies and who is looking after the house and the dogs? It is very difficult to find someone, who is not only looking after the house for just a weekend. Fortunately the Bechstedt family had time to come and move into our house. They had done this twice already.

Before we went Harry had holiday for two weeks already, in which he had to work. The kennel and basement had to be painted and a water drainage had the be made at the kennel. Thursday Aug 4th everything was finished. I had done the house, the beds had fresh covers. Everything was done. A seven page direction was laid on the table and Friday morning we could start in all comfort. However, “Krokant” was in our luggage. He is a nine week old puppy who was moving to his new owners in Switzerland. And the Blackforest is the house door to Switzerland.

Behind stayed: Texas, Doro and Hitchkock together with Karo and Doro, two nine week old OES puppies, but they actually don’t count.

“Pepsi”and “Lasse” where allowed to stay 14 days with our dear friends Mieke and Roland Mussche. They were picked up and dropped off as they wished.

“King” and “Smokey” had booked the wellness hotel with Jos and Patricia. This was in Stokkem and is beloved by our dogs. Nele and Ine, the two daughters, both helped to spoil them. They also had a shuttle service.

From this side again a thank you very much for the help of friends and acquaintances. Without their help we could not have gone one vacation so relaxed.

Freudenstadt and its area was beautiful. 3 days of dark clouds and rain, but nevertheless we have done a lot. From Wednesday onwards we only had sun and made a wonderful journey to Baden-Baden via the so-called Blackforest-Highway.

Whilst eating the famous Blackforest pie and drinking coffee at the Mummelsee, we received an Sms, saying that Coco, who lives in Hamburg, was in season and had to be mated. 3 coffees further everything was arranged. The Bechstedt-taxi-company picked the lady up from Kerpen/Germany. She had a delay of 3 hours due to traffic. Our vet was co-operative and took blood also 3 hours later. Marja was on standby, in case the mating had to be done before Sunday……

Let us say that a normal daily business overtook us during our holiday. But with the big choice of different kinds of gateaus at the Mummelsee, Harry had no problems to wait.

Sunday 14th August we returned. A clean house, flowers taken care of, all dogs back and quite relaxed, Hitchkock had to do a quick mating and had no objections to.

Here a couple of photo’s to start with King and Smokey from Stokkem.

King was surprised that people have so tiny doors in Stokkem. He didn’t fit thru.


Playing hour with Smokey and the pink flamingo.


Directly after King puts his glasses and house shoes on.


And now Blackforest.

Sunday 07th August we visited Baiersbronn. Here you find 3 famous 3 star (Michelin) cooks with their wonderful hotels. Driving into Baiersbron/Mittental you’ll find this beautiful house.


Behind Hotel Traube in Tonbach, were Harald Wohlfahrt swings the scepter over the kitchen, you see this house build on a tree-trunk. Apparently this is where Mister Wohlfahrt lives.


Wednesday 08th August at the Mummelsee along the Blackforest-Highway, from where we continued to Baden-Baden.


Harry on a terrace at the Mummelsee.

Harry-on-a-balcony-at-the-Mummelsee a

On Friday 12th August we toured to Schildach and later on to Gutach into the open air museum where you find beautiful old farmhouses. This one is the Vogtsfarmhouse build in 1612.


All further pictures stay in our private collection.