17 May 2014

Dortmund Int- and Europasieger-Show, Lafayette and Lafite

Overhere we had enormous lots of stress. On Friday and Sunday was the large double Show of Dortmund/GER, puppies where collected and we had a visit from Israel. Thereby the puppies at home etc., etc. Therefore you had to wait until today, until I could write alle the latest news for you.

Friday, Mr Dux from Germany judged the 15 entered OES, of which one was absent. Chris beirendonk was present with her Ch. Koko Chanell aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal and I had brought our Ch. Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal. Both became 2nd in the Champion Class and we where not quite satisfied with this result. On Sunday at the Europasieger-Show), the Irishman Mr. Peter Farell judged the OES. There where 17 OES to be judged, I became 2nd and Chris with her Chanell Best Bitch and therewith Europasiegerin. On this day she received her last points for the Title of German- and VDH Champion. A disadvantage at these double shows is the fact that judges, on the 2nd day, gave BOB to almost the same dogs as they had seen in the Big Ring, the day before. What killed my mood that day, was the rude, unfair and arrogant behaviour of one of the contestants. She ran through the ring in a tempo, that you where asking yourself if she wanted to finish the 100 metres in 9 seconds? By doing this she kept her arms wide (horizontally) spread from her body and ran against King without a reason. I was standing with him at my place, beside the walking line. During the second lap she ran against me and the dog, by not staying in the middle of the ring, but by-passing me from behind at the edge of the ring, This I have not seen in 43 years!
But this was not all, she even was so rude to turn her backside against King his head twice. I could have slapped her in her face for this unmannered behaviour. Not even an apology cam over her lips. The Judge had noticed this unfair action, but rewarded her with the victory. What happened to decency in the kynology?

Thank to Liz van Heel for the picture. Chris van Beirendonk with her Europasiegerin Ch. Koko Chanell aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, Judge Mr. Farell


In Birmingham/UK  a CC Show was held and was judged by Mr. S. Hall (Sheneden OES). Chris and Eve Jones had enetered their “Lafite aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. She received a beautiful judging report and also won the Youth Class, occupied by 5 Bitches.

Mr. Hall wrote:

JB (5,2) 1 Jones’ Lafite Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal with Wenallt, very attractively
marked, giving the allusion of a good length of neck, but she did actually have
a good neck, good to go over, pleasing head piece, best forward reach of the
entry today, good rise to loin & presented in good order;

We where very happy by reading this report.

Chris Jones with “Pebbles” Lafite aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal. Mr. S. Hall seen on the back.

Birmingham Lafayette 1st Junior

Her litter sister, “Lafayette aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal“, had been to 2 shows in Montenegro the weekend before. On both days she had won the CACIB, became BOB and on the first day even became 1st in FCI Group 1. She now is a Montenegrian Champion at an age of just 17 months. Proud owners are Dorota and Pavel Bodzioch from Poland.