18 October 2012

Dortmund in Autumn

Every year in the Autumn time a large dog event is held in the Westfalenhall in Dortmund/GE. The Bundessieger and National Show. A three day event with about 10,000 dogs and connected to this a enormous Horse Show. From Shetland to Shirehorse. Although I could control myself this time, I have gone thru the stress in the past and showed for 2 days, but this was already more than heavy. On Wednesday grooming and washing stood on the program, for the OES bitch “Doro”, dried her and brushed her white coat. Also “Texas” had to undergo his 3 week treatment. Thursday, it was “King’s”, the big OES males, turn to be washed and almost finished his grooming. That where some 9 hours. At 00.30 I went to bed. Friday at 06.00 the alarm clock went off, because the veterinarian was waiting for me at 07.45 and after that I went together with the ladies club to Düsseldorf for some shopping. How I ever made this appointment is still a question mark to me. It was nice and tiring to go shopping for 7 hours, but my feet where killing me. Back home, King had to be made ready with brushing and also Doro’s grey coat had to be done. 01.00 I went to bed. Saturday it was our Beardie “Lasse” who had to undergo the washing, drying and grooming. In the meantime I had a Beardie visit and at 21.30 everything was done. That is was raining cats and dogs in the past three days is just to be mentioned and that with freshly groomed and brushed dogs. At 22.00 I went to bed and couldn’t get to sleep. As the alarm went off at 03.00, I looked outside first to see if it was dry. The day started good. It was dry and the 3 show dogs could take their time for the morning toilet. Driving started at 05.00, as I had to pick up Eef Martens, because handling 3 dogs is a little too much. We arrived at the hall at 06.30 and had to wait for half an hour as the doors where not opened before 07.00. The judging of the Beardies started at nine and after that the OES where judged in the same ring. The judge for the OES was Mr. Roberto Velez Pico from Puerto Rico. I should have known that he judges according to the US Standard, because he knows this type. That however is a large difference with the OES as he/she should be.

According to the valid Standard, who has been put down on paper in the Country of Origin, namely the UK it says: The OES should be profusely coated all over. His neck sholuld be farily long, stong and arched gracefully and should be well coated. His hindquarters should have more hair as the remaining parts of the body. His coat should be grey or blue (not black) colored. Any form of brown coat is unwanted.

Here the picture of the winning BOB male

OES BOB Dortmund

Kingsize became 2nd in the In Between Class behind the BOB Male.

OES Intermed male 1 2 3 Dortmund

In our “Jadore” her report the judge wrote, that he would like to see some more neck. A lot of OES now these days are trimmed in the neck, due to which the coat is only 1,5 to 2 cm long or so extremely thinned that it just covers the skin. Why? Because most OES don’t have a neck. I didn’t do that with Jadore, as she has a long neck. It took me 20 years of breeding before I had Bobtails that have these beautiful blue coats and enough of it, as laid down in the standard. I am very sad of what happened to the OES. A mix of Poedel and with a Bichon Frisee head that over and over again get rewarded for the best cutting and trimming.  I refuse to do this, because I want to have lots of coat as a OES should be according to my opinion. Maybe I am too old fashioned and didn’t follow the trend, but could not get it over my heart to cut “Doro” and give her this Teddy Bear Look. It is not a matter of how good or bad a dog is underneath his coat, but he/she should have at least coat. I am asking myself  how long I want to contiune to breed  OES.

Here our “Jadore”  at the 2nd place in the Champion Class.

OES Championclass bitches 1 2 3 Dortmund

a even longer neck??

out-of-fashion.....-too-long-coat-...... Dortmund