12 April 2017

Doros Puppies 2 Weeks old

On Tuesday it was exactly 2 weeks since Doro’s 9 puppies were born. Since that time I have not had a full nights sleep. Doro is a wonderful mother. But 9 puppies is a lot, and the 3 very fat puppies are always going for the best teats and the others struggle to find a suitable teat. To give all the puppies a chance to drink the same portion of Doro’s precious milk, I make sure every 3 hours, day and night, that they can all drink at the same time. That means that Doro is laying on her side in the litter box and I have to make sure that the 3 somewhat smaller puppies get the best teats and the others also get a teat after 2 minutes. Then the milk flows and the puppies just have to swallow. Meanwhile, I can fall asleep on my feet. On Monday I fed the puppies with minced beef. It is mixed with warm water and Esbilac – milk powder and heated to 38 degrees. This is always a big mess the first time but the puppies have to learn how to eat this meat. Now I feed them twice a day and this is always very exciting. After that, they sleep long and deeply and Doro is allowed to eat the leftovers. Now I can sleep in my bed again and go down once at night, so that they can suckle properly. They all got worm tablets, which is standard at 2 weeks. The puppies are weighed daily and at Easter there will be the first puppy visit.
This video is from the first time eating mince.

14 days old the 2 Girls Q’Mona Lisa and Queensize

the 7 boys, 3 with black patches on the head and the 4 whitehead ones

The Name for the Boy are as follow:

Q’Mondrian , Q’Marc Chagall; Q’Monet, Q’Max Liebermann, Q’Miro, Q’Michelangelo, Q’Matisse