1 January 2022

Debbie’s and Conny’s Elza

Since “Macoes Aspen” was born in Poland in 2014, I have been waiting for a puppy from him. My patience was great ……

Finally Dorota and Pavel had a bitch for me. Unfortunately not from Aspen and the timing was far from ideal. I have 5 bitches. 2 of them are still very young. A solution was needed.

I always have a lot of puppy inquiries from England and thanks to BREXIT it is becoming more and more difficult to sell the puppies to England.

The solution was my longtime friends Debbie and Martin Palmer, who live in England. They were ready to have “Elza” in double ownership so that we can both breed with her. All health tests still need to be taken when Elza is 1 year old.

They have  “Macoes Lullaby for Elbe-Urstromtal by Hazyland”” taken in. “Elza” was born in Poland on 21-04-2021 and of course  had to be 15 weeks old to be able to travel to England.

Since August 2021, Debbie has had her hands full showing Elza the big world and she won Best Puppy of Breed at the last show at the LKA in Birmingham. We are proud of that.

Elza is 4th from the left