27 October 2012

Daily stuff

That show dogs are also very normal dogs, maybe no one can believe when looking at the beautiful pictures on our pages. I am always trying to keep the white coats clean. Over and over again I see Show stars, who are so white and bright, every hair is of the same length and are always looking perfect. No idea how these people manage to do this. For me this just doesn’t work. If our gang runs on the meadow in the morning in Autumn time, they come back completely wet and clean they are by far. “Doro” needs, since a short time, to dig wholes behind the Bio waste container. This she also did on Friday before the Show of Utrecht….. but I think that our dogs are happy and that is the more important for me than anything else.

Lasse has, this morning, saved his dried tripe and joyful eats this on the garden bench.


Texas chewing on a piece of tripe


King immediately rolls on his back when he sees me with the camera. Doro had to hide her piece of tripe for Teaxes, otherwise he will try to steal it from er, because he has already eaten his piece.


Doro has done an extra “Morning-workout” and dug a little….