31 December 2011

Brilliant ending of the 2011 Show-year

On our way to Düsseldorf on Tuesday 27-12-2011 we got an SMS from Martin Palmer, saying  that just 15 minutes ago “Phoebe” became an Irish Champion. Coundn’t believe it as I thought, that there were no shows anymore this year. But Martin and Debbie Palmer made all the effort to finish “Hightea aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” in 2011 with winning her 5th Green Star.

Martin went on his own and started on Monday 26-12-2011  at 21.00 hours to his destination Dublin in Irland. He showed “Phoebe” so well and ended up as BOS and won the last needed  Green Star, Judge was Mrs. D. Kenna/Irland. This ticket gave her the crown and now she is Irish Champion “Hightea aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. Our 130th Champion in History.

Martin came very tired and very happy home  just before midnight 27th December. 

Martin you are wonderful, Debbie be proud of him and your Phoebe. Indeed we are thrilled and happy for this surprise.