10 December 2013


Every morning we have a standard ritual: Breakfast for all our dogs. Around 09.00 they start getting a little bit nervous, are sitting outside and staring inside through thekitchenwindow. Here, I (or Harry during the weekends) put good liverwurst on toast. For every dog there is one slice of toast. As dessert they get a chewing stick. As soon as everything is ready they are allowed to come inside and breakfast starts in following order: Texas, Doro, King, Lasse, Nicki and Prada. After this they get their chewing stick and all are happy and satisfied.


Frühstück 1

and there they are, ready for breakfast

Frühstück 2

Frühstück 3

afterwards all fingers are still complete. Here a picture to proof.

Frühstück 4