23 May 2013

Bandita’s Puppies 3 weeks old

Bandita’s puppies are 3 weeks old and since a couple of days they are living in the kindergarden. We where for a period of 4 days in Budapest at the World Show. During this time “Grandfather and Grandmother Bechstedt” have been watching their grand children. Mrs. Bechstedt tought the group to eat Terra Canis Puppyfood from a plate. In the meantime they get complete wild from these meals, which we feed them 3 times per day. For their age they can fairly walk on their 4 feet through the Kindergarden and are playing together.

The male Mister Malone


it is not doable to get the 7 ladies together in one picture. Therefore we had to do it in 2 groups. Here the first group of 3.


and the last group of 4 ladies