28 September 2021

Shows September 2021

The first weekend in September was an extraordinary weekend for my breeding.

On 4th / 5th September only the CAC show in Zwolle/NL was planned. Since “Copper” has to collect his missing 3 CAC’s for the Dutch title, he was registered at this show. Also our “Ocean” who needs 2 youth CACs in the Netherlands for her title. We did not register “Lilou” because she does not need anything directly in the Netherlands. My dear Chris Beirendonk had to have CACs in the Netherlands for her “Kate”, so we didn’t stand in each other’s way as competition.

About 14 days ago there was a rumor  of a double CACIB in Luxembourg. That was true and of course  it took place together with the show in Zwolle. So it had to be considered what was clever to do.

Conclusion: I went to Luxembourg with Lilou and Ocean on both days and skipped the registration for Ocean in Zwolle. Chris went to Zwolle with Kate and Paul was so nice again and drove to Zwolle with “Cooper”. That’s just 2.5 hours from Maaseik. Chris did the styling on the morning of the show and Priscilla van Oosten once again showed him superbly. The result was “Cooper” best of breed, judge was Mr. G. Jipping from the Netherlands. Chris with Kate was BOS.

“Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” Best of breed, the judge Mr. Jipping and  Chris Beirendonk with “Romantic Rendezvous with Kate of Snowbootbears”

Handling of  “Cooper” exclusive by Priscilla van Oosten


Thanks Paul, my darling. He drove to Zwolle on Saturday morning at 6.30 am and handed Cooper over to the ladies, dry and clean. Afterwards he drover Cooper back home (Aachen) and drove back to Maaseik. That was 530 KM and back home at 2 p.m.

The show in Luxembur: 99th and 100th on September 4th / 5th, 2021

What makes Luxembourg so interesting? You need 2 CACs for the title Luxembourg Champion. The CAC is available in the intermediate and open classes. If you start in the champion class, you only need 1 CAC for the title

I informed my people after it was  clear  that the show would take place and it was known under which Corona conditions. Monika Fuss with her Beardie male “Pike” needs a third country for his Int. Champion Titel. Ms. Weissmann with her “Sexygirl” and the Diringer family with “Sean Connery” were also informed. The judges were Mrs. Ruth Wagner on Saturday and her daughter Gloria Wagner on Sunday. Both known for fair judging so well worth the effort. The males were judged on Saturday by Mr. Paul Jentgen. Funny, but that’s how it was. For the Beardies on Saturday, it should be the German all-rounder Ms. Assenmacher. Afterwards I realized that I had forgotten Mrs. Cocozza with her Beardie bitch “Ella”. She also needs the 3rd country.

Then the entries figures were known. On Saturday 1 male and 9 females and on Sunday 1 male and 12 females. Mrs. Diringer was sick and could not come with her “Sean Connery” the only male. But after we saw that he was alone, everything was set in motion that he could exhibit …… However, Mr.  Diringer had to show “Sean” but had hardly any experience how to do it. But everything will be fine.

On Friday evening at 7 p.m. Monika and I drove to our hotel in Luxembourg. It was our turn in the morning at around 10 a.m., the OES a little later. Although you spend the night in Luxembourg, you get out of bed at 6.30 a.m. and a little after 8 a.m. you are in the hall. Our dear Ms. Weissmann did not arrive until the morning because she lives only 1.5 hours away. The Diringer family stood in the car park in the camper.

All were checked to see if they met the 3 G rules and then they got a red ribbon around their wrist. Without this ribbon there was no entry. Sunday the same, but an orange ribbon. Picking up the start number turned out to be difficult. Monika stood in line for more than 30 minutes to get the number. Also Ms. Weissmann and Mr. Diringer. The time to style dogs was short and the stress was enormous. But everything will be fine.

Monika won the best of breed with her Bearded Collie male “Pike”

Mr. Diringer was alone and so he got the CACIB and CAC, later he became Best Male with “Sean Connery aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

Then it was the turn of “Ocean”.Her 2nd show and I stressed  from the morning. There were three of us in the intermediate class, which lasts from 15 to 24 months. Ocean was the youngest at 15 months and the other two bitches were 6 months older. The judge Mrs. Wagner asked how it should be, about the age.

Yes and then “Ocean” won with her 15 months “Love’n Stuff Elbe-Urstromtal” her class “and got the coveted 1st CAC.

3rd place for the 21 month old “Shaggy Blue Bob’s Blueberry Cheescake and 2nd place for the 20 month old “Sugar Babe of Snowboot Bears

“Ocean” 1st palce and 2nd Place”Sugar Babe of Snowboot Bears”

Ms. Weissmann was alone in the open class bitch and got an excellent 1 with CAC. “Sexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

“Lilou” started with 3 other bitches in the champion class. These were 1.5 to 2 years older.

Great joy on my part. “Lilou” won this class, got the CAC and was therefore Luxembourg Champion ” Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

Second place went to the very bad-tempered John Kieffer with his  Ch. “Remember the Sweet Dreams of Snowboot Bears.

3rd place”Shaggy Blue Bob’s Zumba Babe”, 4th place  “Youandi Fashionably Late”, 2nd place  “Remember the Sweet Dreams of Snowboot Bears”and 1st place  “Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

A dream for every breeder: the best 3 bitches, who are eligible for the CACIB and Best Bitch, all bred by me or in my ownership!

Monika Fuss with  “Ocean”, Mrs.  Weissman with  Ziva and me with Lilou

The best bitch is Mrs. Weissmann with her  “Sexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” and Res- best bitch for  “Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

which is even better when both dogs, i.e. best male and best female, are from the same kennel. These are dreams come true.

Mrs.  Weissmann Best of Breed with  “Sexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” and Best Male  “Sean Connery aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” owned by the  Diringer family . “Sean” is just 20 months old. The judge Mrs. Ruth Wagner

Then the long wait started for the ring of honor. Finally the group judging of the 10 FCI group took place again. Mr. Paul Jentgen from Luxemburg judges group 1. Unfortunately he had no place for “Pike” or “Ziva” on the 3 podium places

We were at the hotel around 6 p.m. Ms. Weissmann had also taken a room and we had a great evening outside in the restaurant in wonderful summer weather.

“Pike” made himself comfortable in the shower in the hotel room

On Sunday morning I could actually have slept in, as the OES were not judged until 12.30 p.m. But it was my dear Monika turn at 10 o’clock with her “Pike”. So out again at 6.30 am and at 8.15 am in the hall. Mrs. Weissmann showed solidarity and came with me.

We always travel with small luggage 🙂

On Sunday we find out that it is not Ms. Gloria Wagner who judges, but Mr. Sean Delmar from Ireland. A well-known all-rounder that I had confidence in. However, after he had judged the Beardie, my trust was completely gone and I had a terrible feeling. We weren’t in the ring until 2 p.m.

“Sean Connery aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” was again the only male. He received the CACIB, CAC and, at 20 months old, was now the Luxembourg champion. He is number 161 in the list of winners for the Elbe Urstromtaler

In the youth class there was one more bitch and in the open class 2 more. In other words: Ms. Weissmann had competition.

Ocean was in the intermediate class with the same bitches and was 3rd of this  3 bitches. I could hardly believe it!!! The judge didn’t ask about age, which is actually normal. I asked the judge after he finished judging what the problem was with “Ocean”. He found that she doesn’t have enough substance yet … her weighs 34.5 kg and she is a very compact OES. That’s rubbish!!! Now the otherwise bad-tempered Mr. Kieffer had a big grin after he had won over me

Here you can see the beautiful broad hindquarters of “Ocean” and her beautiful, gracefully arched neck. That’s what the breed standard as for.

3rd place “Ocean” Love’n Stuff Elbe-Urstromtal 15 Monats, 2nd place  21 Monat old  “Shaggy Blue Bob’s Blueberry Cheasecake and  1st Place with CAC the 20 month old” “Sugar Babe of Snowboot Bears”

Place 1, 2 and 3

Ms. Weissmann had a bitch from France as competition, which was bred by Macoes. She was also there but didn’t go into the ring. Now she still had Chris Beirendonk with “She is the one of Snowboot Bears” as competition.

It’s a pitty for Chris, but great for Ms. Weissmann and me as a breeder: “Sexygirl from the Elbe-Urstromtal” wins her 2nd CAC and is therefore Champion of Luxembourg and my personal champion number 162.

Champion class bitch, same line-up as the day before, but different placement.

2nd Place “Shaggy Blue Bob’s Zumba Babe”, 4th Place “Youandi Fashionably Late”, 3rd Place “Remember the Sweet Dreams of Snowboot Bears” and  1st place “Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

with this movement of “Lilou” you have to win.

The choice for the best bitch: The intermediate class, Mrs. Weissman with  “Sexygirl” Open class wins res best bitch and my “Lilou” from the champion class became best bitch with CACIB “Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

Then the dream from the previous day was repeated. Both dogs who are  competite for the best of the breed are out of my kennel. The male “Sean Connery” is best of breed and “Lilou” is the best bitch. The great end of this day for the Diringer family: “Sean” is selected in group1 under the last 6. Judge is  Mr. Sean Delmar .

“Sean” first drank a good sip of water in the caravan.

The weekend was rounded off with the victory of “The Emmie aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” in Kaunas / Lithuania. She was shown there on both days on the Int show in the youth class. She is just 11 months old. On both days she won the Youth CAC, was Best of Breed and has the title: Youth Champion Lithuania. Judge on Saturday was Mrs. L. Finne from Finland and Mrs. K. Butrimova from Lithuania on Sunday. In group 1, “Panda” took 5th place on Saturday and 4th place on Sunday. A great achievement for such a young dog. Olga Wiechowska and Marta Morawska from Poland are the owners


Last but not least, on this show weekend, Mr. Grimm won the youth CAC and the German youth champion title with “Tannhäuser aus dem  Elbe-Urstromtal” at the club show in Harsewinkel / GER. Judge was Mrs. Heintz / GER

There is an exhibition around the corner from us in Genk / BEL. A CACIB show finally took place there on 12-9-2021 under strict corona rules. These are always very exhausting exhibitions because you have to walk around with a mouth mask the entire time. On Friday evening around 11 p.m. I received a message from the show management that there was a change of judge. Instead of a lady from Serbia, Ms. Anca Giura / RO is now judging. “Cooper” did it as always and won Best Male and Best of Breed. Priscilla van Oosten and Cooper are a great team in the ring. “Lilou” won the champion class, which was occupied by 3 bitches, and then lost to the only bitch from the open class.

” Cooper” Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Best of Breed

Champion Championclass bitches, 1st.  “Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”, 2nd : “Shaggy blue bobs Zumba babe”, 3rd “Remember the Sweet Dreams of Snowboot Bears

Choice for the best bitch, “She is the one of Snowboot Bears” CACIB, CAC  and  Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”  Res-CACIB, Res-CAC

Best bitch , “She is the one of Snowboot Bears” The judge Mrs.  Giura , Best of Breed  ” Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” handling Priscilla van Oosten

Our Mr. Grimm was already on the road again with his “Nitro”. On September 19 was a special breed show in Nagold / GER. The judge came from Serbia, Mr. Todorovic, who gave

” Tannhäuser aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” Excellent 1 , Junior  CAC.


last but not least, one of my favorite exhibitions: MAASTRICHT. 2 days a full CACIB show with all 10 groups per day. Nice halls, well organized, it’s just right in Maastricht. There was a change of judge on the first day. It was supposed to judge Mrs. C. Dunne from Ireland and now it was Mr. Dick Rutten from the Netherlands. On Saturday  2 males and 5 females were entered. On Sunday 2 males and 7 females judged by the Pole Mr. G. Robak.

Saturday was a perfect day for us. “Cooper” was Best Male, “Lilou” Best Bitch and “Ocean” Res- Best Bitch.

Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, Best male with CACIB, CAC, Res-Male  “Vigilats Rope Dancer”

Ch. Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal became Best Bitch and Res- Best Bitch out of junior class ” Love’n Stuff ElbeUrstromtal” Excellent handling by  Melissa van Oosten

 Best of Breed: Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, presented by  Priscilla van Oosten, the judge Mr.  Rutten and Best Bitch  Ch. ” Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal.“Cooper” was among the last 6 in the main ring.

Unfortunately everything was a little different on Sunday. Cooper and Ocen got their final point, but to be honest we weren’t that happy. But that’s the way it is. If we have judges who do not understand anything about the movement, we lose … then the others are happy.

” Cooper” Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal is now Dutch Champion. He won Best Male 4 times in a row, 3 of which were Best of Breed

and “Ocean” Love’n Stuff Elbe Urstromtal, won her 3rd youth CAC and now has the title: Dutch junior  champi


Res-Male  ” Vigilats Rope Dancer”

The  Championclass bitches : 1st Happy Freule from Rockys Desteney, 2nd Ch. Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal , 3rd Ch. Remember the Sweet Dreams of Snowboot bears

Best Bitch : Romantic Rendezvous With Kate of Snowboot Bears,  Res- Best bitch    Ch. Happy Freule from Rockys Desteney

Best Male : Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal , presented by Priscilla van Oosten. The judge Mr. G. Robak / PL and best of breed : Romantic Rendezvous With Kate of Snowboot Bears owned by  Chris Beirendonk

The best thing about exhibitions are the wonderful people you meet again and again. Casper Knippenborg is a gifted breeder of different breeds and even crazier than me. It is always quality time when we meet

we had the time and inclination and took photos with the beautiful background of a Limburg landscape.


Rock Me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal


Seejungfrau aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal


Love’n Stuff Elbe-Urstromtal

and finally “Coopers” owner Mrs. Eva Turala could take part as a spectator. She witnessed her “Cooper” becoming champion that day.

Rock Me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal      

The winner of the funniest face goes to Rolfi : Seepferdchen aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal.

Seepferdchen aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

he can also really do a show dog …

Seepferdchen aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal