31 August 2022

Exhibitions August 2022

August is VERY quiet in terms of exhibitions. That’s a good thing, because it’s always way too hot.

Nevertheless, there is news. From Guatemala…..yes from Guatemala. There “Aramis” mastered his first exhibition. This took place in the Zoological Garden of Guatemala on 7-8-2022.

It was good practice for “Van Cleef aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. He was doing so well at 5 months and his owner Angelica Cordova was over the moon.

Van Cleef Aramis          

Grete Roed drove with her “Keiza” to the exhibition in the Stangehallen in Norway. Two days exhibition. On the first day, the German all-rounder Mr. J. Eberhardt judged , best of breed and 3rd in the group. On the second day it was the Dutchman, also all-rounder Mr. R. Douma. Also Best of Breed.

Ch. Turandot aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal




“Take That aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” is a big, impressive male. I went to see him about 5 weeks ago. He mated our Anna. However, all his coat was a single lump of felt and I had to control myself very much not to strangle his owner.


So I posted an appeal on Facebook on the spot and looked for people in the Nidda area who were willing to help. There were many nice offers. But the very best was dear Petra Müller, who lives only 100km away from Nidda. Immediately, with pressure from me, Ms. Regenhardt arranged a first brushing appointment 1 week later. The mass of felt needed further help and Mrs. Müller was able to charter Diana Smitt. With combined forces, the 3 ladies managed to untangle “Sam” and save enough hair. 14 days later “Sam” came to Wirges with his owner. I was at an exhibition there and Wirges is only a good hour’s drive away. “Sam” got a show hairstyle.

Meanwhile “Sam” was registered for the CAC show in Bad Salzhausen on 21-8-2022. Mr. Wirth judged the OES and our newcomer to the show, Ms. Regenhardt, was able to win the CAC and became Best Male with the support of Ms. Dianan Smitt. I was sooo happy. Thanks to Ms. Müller and Ms. Smitt for their help, that was great. Thanks also to Ms. Regenhardt, who took my “death threats” seriously and did everything to get “Sam” back in good condition.

Let’s hope that she manages to exhibit “Sam” a few more times. He has a lot of potential.

“Take That aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” Bad Salzhausen 21-8-2022 Best Male

Photo with thanks to Mr. Silberhorn

He inherited his great movement from his father Ch. Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal


This is his mother  Ch. Milblue’s April Himlen

    Milblue's Aprilhimlen she is a daughter of our late Ch. Kingsize”

August ends with a firework of successes. We were at the International Show in Rotterdam/NL for 2 days.Rock me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” caused a stir and won Best of Breed on both days. Now he is International Champion. On the first day Mr. H. van den Berg/NL judged the breed and on the 2nd day Mrs. C. Kerssemeijer/NL. both were very enthusiastic about “Cooper”.

On Saturday the Norwegian Merete Tufte judged Group 1 and Cooper became Res-Best of the group. On Sunday, Dane Gunnar Nymann judged Group 1 and gave Cooper the top spot on the podium. Best in Show was judged by Irishman Mr S. Rooney and he gave Cooper 3rd Best in Show. I was overjoyed, a dream. 

My knee didn't cooperate on Sunday morning and Priscilla van Oosten was able to show Cooper.

Cooper on Saturday Best of Breed and 2nd in Group 1

and Sunday best of group 1, judge Gunnar Nyman/DK he always has the monkey “Cay” with him as a mascot (sitting on the trophy)

and Best in Show 3rd place with judge Simon Rooney/IRL and the representatives of the show

“Cooper” was joined by “Cloe” and Kinga on both days. “Unisono aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” just 11 months old. On the first day the judge found that her legs were too short. But the body size didn’t confirm that. She is 56 cm tall (that’s the minimum size for the breed), of which 28 cm legs and 28 cm body circumference). This is the ideal condition for a bobtail. So only 2nd place. The judge on Sunday was very impressed by “Cloe”. She was best Junior Class and Res- Best Bitch . That pleased us and much better.

Unisono aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

Catch of the day

On Sunday our Martina Weissmann and her Ziva were at the international show in Ludwigshafen/GER. Mr. Josef Hartig/GER judged the 8 registered OES, only 3 received an excellent, the rest very good and good. He checked for missing large teeth and anyone missing P2 or even P3 or both did not get Excellent. Interesting to know  what the competition is missing in their mouths.

In any case, “Ch. Sexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” had everything the judge wanted to see and became Best of Breed. She has now fulfilled all the conditions for the German and VDH Champion. In the big group 1, Martina and Ziva took 3rd place. Judge was Mrs. J. Butkiene from Lithuania

Mr. Hartig with  BOB Sexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal       3. the group 1