6 July 2022

Aramis and his long journey

Van Cleef aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” had a very long journey to his new home. His new owner Angeliqua lives in Guatemala and has wanted a puppy from my kennel for years. Now the wish has come true.

“Aramis” had to stay with us for 15 weeks. A lot of time and work has now been put into preparing the transport. An infinite number of input instructions were read and flights searched. In the end it was my job to go to the gouverment vet in Hasselt/BEL a day before departure. That takes 3 hours.

His owner had asked her sister Diana to pick up Aramis. She was on vacation in Spain. Everything fit perfectly. She came by plane to Amsterdam and would fly back to Madrid the next day and from there directly to Guatemala.

There had just been a heat wave in Madrid and I had heard that IBERIA did not have a good reputation for transporting dogs. I told Angelique that. She then acted very quickly and booked a new flight. Saturday morning from Amsterdam to Mexico City. Stay there for 5 hours and continue to Guatemala. I was more than reassured. In the 5 hours Aramis was able to get out of his vari kennel and stretch his legs. She now has the flight from Madrid to Guatemala as credit with IBERIA….

Thursday morning 10-6-2022 I took Aramis to the train station in Weert/NL. I met her sister there and put her on the express train to Amsterdam with Aramis.

Our dear Piet van Laere, who lives near the Schiphol airport, unexpectedly had to help with a problem. With all the paperwork at the official veterinarian, we had completely forgotten that Aramis healthcertificate  had to be filled  in the EU vaccination booklet. So e-mailed an SOS to Piet. Fortunately, he had time and the next day Diana and Aramis drove with Piet to his vet, who got all the papers in order. Piet and Doke showed Diana the windmills and shortened the waiting time until departure. Aramis slept in the open flight box in the hotel room and was used to it when he left.

The flight to Mexico went smoothly. Aramis peed a big puddle outside the airport in Mexico and enjoyed a sandwich. Then the flight went for 2 hours to Guatemala and then another 3 hours by car.

All Aramis had was jet lag. He slept long and deep.



Aramis a day after arriving in his new home