11 July 2020

Anna’s and Norman’s puppies are born

First the vet saw only 3 puppies at the echo. However, Anna’s baby belly had reached a decent size with 7 weeks. I was a little worried and thought that if there were only 3 puppies, they would have to be very large. In order not to take any risks, I went to see our vet again with Anna. There we could on the X-ray photo (normally I NEVER tak an X-ray photo of  pregnant bitch) that there are 5 to 6 puppies. Great joy, especially since the waiting list of puppy buyers was long.

On the 62nd day, Anna gave birth to her first puppy effortlessly at 4 p.m. It was finished at 9pm. 1 male and 5 girls were born. They weighed between 390 and 330gr and are all fit. Anna does everything as nature has prescribed. Her natural instincts and those of her puppies are all there. To me of  great importance is to keep my dogs fertile in all aspects.

Now we are enjoying our puppies and Anna

The Theme of this litter is theater. In 2020 all puppynames in Belgium must start with a T.

The boy is called : Tannhäuser

The girls: Tosca, Turandot, Traviata, Trouble in Tahiti and Traumspiel

Photo 1 day old



3 days