21 December 2017


That’s my “Anna”. She has the big “Teddy Bear”cuddle factor and when she looks at me from her dark eyes I melt away.

Here she had her first bath followed by blow-drying and brushing.

Anna did not like that and she wanted to have her daily look again. This is much faster than washing and blow-drying

On the 6th of December, on St. Nicholas’s Day, Anne was a jinx and I was in shock. Ann is the youngster and she loves all the big dogs that are here around and licks her beards. However, Abby, the mother of the Bearded Collie puppies, did not want it when she was standing in front of the kitchen door and wanted to see her puppies. She bit very quick and very short, Anna screamed and run away.everything was full of blood at her mouth. I just stood a few feet away and cleaned a bucket. I was scared and I was schocked, Anna wanted to crawl into the dog house. After I got her I dried a lot of the blood with a towel. Then searched her mouth for the hole. I found that to my horror. Her upper jaw palate was open at the side and the P3 out. Immediately packed the car keys, Anna in the car, drove off and called my vet I’m coming: emergency. As always in the last 10 years Liesbeth Vanholen was there for me.

Brief examination, Anna had to stay, anesthesia, OP it had to be sewn.

The tooth is missing now in her former complete Scissor bite.

Now I have to explain to the judge at each exhibition, in which I want to participate with Anna, that the missing P3 is not missing to genetically condition, but by an accident. Let’s see if one will believe it ……..


Poor Little  Anna