17 May 2023

Farewell to “Doro”

On Saturday May 13th, 2023 we had to put our beloved “Doro” to sleep. She had a torsion in her stomach. In the emergency clinic, they tried  to turn it back manually, but it hasn’t quite worked. We didn’t want to put our old girl through the difficult operation with an uncertain outcome. It was with a heavy heart that we let her go. We miss her so much.

International Nederlands Belgium German VDH Luxembourg Champion.

ENGLISH Champion

German Junior Champion, Junior Winner Amsterdam 2011, European Champion 2012& 2013, Belgian Winner 2012, Top OES 2012 NL, European Champion Geneva 2013, Winner Amsterdam 2013

Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal  

20-07-2010  –   13-05-2023


On July 20, 2010 my “Doro” was born. We were allowed to spend 12 long years, 10 months, 13 days and 12 hours with this wonderful dog, she was something special. We have been able to experience many memories that mean a lot to us with our “Doro”.

I wrote this story for her 10th birthday.

Doro the show dog:

She was a superstar and also had all the airs and graces of a diva. Her show career was just great, but you can read all about that on her own page on my homepage. At 15 months she had so much and such great coat along with a dream color. I always compared her to the famous “Zottels Miss Marple”. Doro had everything I always wanted to see in a bobtail. A great neck, square, overbuilt and outstanding angulations. Doro made many, many trips with me. Besides lots of jounrey, we were together 7 times in England. These are always journeys of at least 1400km. In February 2014 she became English Champion with the 3rd CC with the breed specialist Barry Croft and ended her career. As previously mentioned, Doro was a canine personality and diva. She doesn’t want anyone pulling on the leash when she’s walking in the show ring and once again doesn’t want to run faster and sneak around the ring at a snail’s pace. She did that too, when you drove 1400km to England, she didn’t care, if she didn’t feel like it, nothing worked at all…. Doro also hated lying on the brushing table or it’s really terrible when you have to stand on it. Doro thinks life-threatening situation and then the head has to hang down and one is close to death. Until…… the magic box opens and the reward goddies are held in front of her. Then you can also lift the beautiful long neck and head.

Our last show was in Dundee, which is just before the Scottish border in England. We had chosen a very nice hotel and wanted to sleep peacefully and comfortably so that we and Doro arrived at the exhibition rested. Our room was a ground floor room with a patio door to the garden. The fire alarm goes off at 3 a.m. That means clearing the room. Slight panic. My first act: handbag and boots for Doro, put them on and go out into the garden. After all, the grass is wet and my dog, brand or not, shouldn’t have dirty feet at the show. So I stood in the garden in my nightgown with a handbag and Doro with socks. I sent my ex around the house to the reception to see where the fire was. As I stood there, I thought: F….k….. if everything burns down now I have to exhibit tomorrow in my nightgown. My suitcase was in the room. He came back with hotel manager to apologize. False alarm…… a wedding party at the hotel, the drunk guests found it amusing to set off the fire alarm. This happened 3 more times. The second time I went into the garden with my nightgown, Doro handbag, socks AND a suitcase. The other 2 times we stayed and wanted to smack those idiots who were having so much fun setting off the fire alarm. So there was no talk of relaxed and well rested the next morning. Doro slept in her very personal luxury exhibition cage for 2 hours and snored softly. I hoped that she would then be in a good mood and would move. She was a well-behaved girl and never puts her foot in the wrong place and finally got the magic 3rd CC and the title of English Champion with BEST in Show to top it all off. The old warhorse of breeder and owner sometimes had a few tears running down to the rim of his glasses and piling up in a small puddle under the rim of his glasses.

Doro the family dog:

Doro is still beautiful and is bathed and brushed every 3 weeks. She still thinks the table is terrible. That will probably always remain so. Unfortunately, her beard has turned very brown. She always has to drink from the fish pond and always has one paw in the water. I’ve given up forbidding her. There are 2 water bowls, which are always filled with fresh water, on the terrace.

Doro at age:

My Doro had a few age defects. If we both lay on the sofa for a long time (Doro on the floor in front of the sofa) and we both got up, then yes, we were both a bit very stiff in the bones. Doro was able to sleep so wonderfully deep and snores quietly to himself. If she then woke up because: A) the refrigerator door opened or B) have to go outside, it can happen that she was a bit confused at first. She got something for the joints, so did I. My vet checked her regularly and took blood, everything was fine for her age.

Doro and I loved our moments of togetherness. Then I used to tell her how great she is and that she should please get very old and she would give me a paw and look at me with her dark eyes with that infinite wisdom that only a dog can express.

Doro I love you, you will always be in my heart.








      das letzte Foto von Doro