11 July 2011

6 weeks old and curious to discover the World

Today our 10 puppies are 6 weeks old. Slowly I start to recognize who has what character. This is important for the new owners, so they know that the dog isl well-matched into the respective family. It wouldn’t do anyone any good, if they would get the most dominant puppy out of a litter, whilst they are a novice themselves. Therefore we try to guide our puppy buyers, so that they all become happy and enjoy their dog. Yesterday, pictures had to be taken while standing. This is done to show the buyers, who are not living around the corner, how the puppies are build, to advice and assist them when looking for the right puppy. 

Yeez, it is not that easy and takes a lot of time and effort, but we managed 

First of all, the male puppies in line and then separately: 


male no 1


Male No. 2 apologies, but he simply does not want to stand properly.


Male No 3


Male No 4 


Male No.5 He also doesn’t feel like it. And that is to stand correctly.


And again all five in line


and now the 5 girls


girl No 6


Girl No 7


No. 8 is our “little” mouse. Her weight was 180gr when born.


Girl No. 9 was the only one who wasn’t impressed by “the catwalk”. 6-weeks-female-no-9-sorry-do-not-want-to-stand-propperly

girl No 10


Later on they were allowed to play on the field and recover from all this stress and posing .


 one puppy found something on the field and wanted to hide it for himself6 weeks old, one puppy found something and want to hide it



Yes, time for something nice: fresh chicken.