9 January 2012

3 Weeks

In the past 3 days our puppies saw a lot of new things. For the first time there was regular food, that was immediately eaten by all of them. Than there were these 3 intelligent puppies, who discovered that you can pull yourself over the egde of the income to the welphingbox. After that, you can slide on the ground to Mama Holly.The floor in the kitchen is slippery and standing is difficult. After I found 3 puppies in the kitchen the next morning, in stead of in the welpingbox, it was time for a move. Now they have a much bigger kindergarten. This new room was quickly inspected and found to be okay. In the new sleepingcompartiment everything stays dry and they do their needs on newspapers in the other part. I think this is good, as the little ones are just 3,5 weeks old.

This time a couple of photo’s I want you to see.

Regular food for the first time.


Afterwards all are tired and doing a nap.


2 puppies have found a special place for an afternoon nap.


Much more room in the kindergarten.


For the 3 week photo, all oft hem were very nice and we have made lots of nice pictures. The names oft he males are: Kasual, Keen on you, Krimi and Kokowääh


And the ladies will be called: Karussell, Kirmis, Kino, Kabarett, Kokoloko and Kadance