31 December 2011

2 weeks old

Today, on Old Years Eve, the puppies are 2 weeks old. Almost all have more or less opened their eyes and they try to walk thru the welpingbox. But they fall more, than they walk. As far as their weight is concerned they are doing well and some of them drink from the bottle now, when the other are fighting for the nipples. Tomorrow they will have their first wormcure and they definitely won’t like it. Holly is the best mother on earth and does everything according the books.

The puppies no longer fit in the puppybox. Therefore they have, when I clean the welpingbox, to lay on the floor. This is no problem, as long as they can drink with their mum.


that tastes soooo good


the first one already has enough and has fallen asleep


when all are satisfied and tired, it is the best time to make “star”-pictures. First of all the 4 males


the 6 girls


it is getting a little bit too tight 


finally! All is back in the clean and warm welpingbox and has a nap until the next meal comes