1 October 2013

2-day Show of Maastricht/NL

Maastricht, the Burgundian City in the south of the Netherlands. This year, the organization had something new. A 2-day Show during the weekend. Normally we would have had 2000 dogs, divided over 10 Groups, in 2 days. Now, we had 1750 dogs per day! During both days we where with the OES in the original Hall. Here we had 20 rings. In the 2nd, new hall, there where only 10 rings. That means that we OES-showers where very nervous and agitated, due to the amount of space around the rings. On day 1 we where last, with 10 OES, to be judged by the Hungarian Mrs. Korozs-Papp. That was at 14.30 Hrs. At this time moste of the other exhibitors who had been shown befor our breed, had left already. But on the second day, we where going to be judged at 10.00 by Mrs. R. Chiodi-Walraven/NL. It almost came to a fight, with other exhibitors of other breeds, as we could not get into the ring anymore. The amount of space would remain small, until the end of the day. Confrontations didn’t hold off for long. Something that was extremely stressful, was a group of people from the Action Group “Animal Welfare”. With high raised fingers they came towards us, telling us what we could and couldn’t so! In this situation we all agreed with each other and frightened them off. It has got everything to do with manners and about the fact how to approach people, in order to make them familiar with upcoming and future changes.

In spite this irritation, it was a very successful weekend for us. Saturday we only had entered “Niki”, as she needed only one more CAC in Youth Class, for the title. I didn’t wanted to decrease her chances, in case I would have shown “King” also. This risk I saved until Sunday.”Not only did “Niki” win the Youth Class and due to this the Netherlands Title of Junior Champion, she also became Best Bitch.

NL-Youth Champion and Best Bitch “Aryakas Niki Elbe-Urstromtal”, Judge Mrs. Korozc-Papp and Meijers BOB “Zottels Valentino”


Sunday, Mrs. Chiodi-Walraven judged our breed for the first time and 11 OES had been entered, of which 3 different dogs to the day before. I have played with the thought, to show “Niki” in the Intermediate Class on Sunday. She is 15 months old and could have won her first CACIB. But….. that was a too big risk for me, because what would happen if she would not have won the CAC the day before? After we came home on Saturday evening, our Beardie Male got some female company and good friends of ours wanted to go out for dinner with us…….., but King had to be washed and groomed. While the Beardie male was pleasing his female company, King had to go into the Bathtub and into the blow-dryer. Once we came back from our delicious dinner and good company around 22.00 hrs, King had to go on the groomingtable. It was 01.00 hrs when he was finished. The alarm clock was set on 06.00. No price without drive. Harry could stay home, at least that is what he thought, but after Eef and I where done with unpacking in Maastricht, I found out that I had forgotten my sweater at home. So, Harry was called out of bed early in the morning, with the request to be so kind and drive to Maastricht with the sweater and be there before 10.00. As Harry is a sweetheart, he immediately drove to Maastricht.

“King” made a very good impression with Mrs. Chiodi and got an excellent judging report as well as Best Of Breed. At approximately 17.30 in the Big Ring, where a large Group 1 was judged by Mrs. W. van Deyl/NL, “King became Res-Best In Group 1, behind a beautiful Puli from Denmark and bred by a good friend, Jesper Ravn. Six weeks after having had a heart attack, Willy van Oppijnen was back in the ring, showing her Abbey. She is a daughter of our “Eldorado”. ALL OF US (and I mean all OES showers present), where on stand-by, in case Willy needed help, to assist her as we also did on Saturday. But she managed to do it by herself and became Best Bitch together with Abbey. My “Niki” became Res-Best Bitch. I was happy and satisfied. The amount of work and the hectic of that day where forgotten.

Best Of Breed and 2nd in Group 1 “Ch. Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” (Photo with thanks to R. Wibier)

Maastricht Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

Best Male “Kingsize” and Res-Best Male “Koboy of Snowbootbears” owned by Chris Beirendonk with Judge Mrs. Chiodi


The winners with the Bitches:

Youth Class Aryakas Niki Elbe-Urstromtal (Res-CAC, Res- Best Bitch), Intermediate Class: Hairy Bears All you need, Open Class  “Angel Miss Milly from Stone”, Champion Class: Definitely Xyuiszt Abegayle (Best Bitch).


Our Niki (Aryakas Niki Elbe-Urstromtal). At this moment the Top Winning Bitch in the Netherlands Youth Class of 2013.