13 October 2011

„Ginger“was travelling once more.

Again we received mail from “Ginger” (GB-Ch. Y’Lookalike aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal). She 12 years and 10 months old!

Dear Mrs. Conny Verelst-Loest,

Ginger is doing fine. Every day she gets algea condiments and Shell chalk, and seaweed that is very good for her mussles and joints. Many people say she is younger. What could that be…!

 Again Ginger had travelfever and visited her beloved hotel in Wilhelmshaven/GE and a couple of days in a hotel in Noordwijkerhout/NL at a beach in the province of South-Holland.

In August she was a weekend in Baden-Baden/GE with a temprature of over 30 C, where she made a rest at a cool spot in a forrest.

 But also the last couple of days she enjoyed herself. On 03rd October she even took a bath in the river Rhine, with more than 26 C.

 Enclosed you’ll find some pictures.

 A pleasant autumn,

by Ginger and the Löwers

 Ginger in Noordwijkerhout/NL



on the beach in the netherlands


near the river Rhein