29 September 2011

“Socke“ has her puppies.

“Socke” (Ch. Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) was very quiet when she had her puppies last Saturday, 24  ‘September 2011. Due to this I could go to the show in Maastricht the next day. On the ultrasound 4 puppies were seen on one side and not further investigated, because 4 on one side normally means that there are more.

But this was a miscalculation. 4 beautiful puppies were born. 2 males and 2 females saw the light between 1400 en 19.00 that day. Real bullies between 440 and 500 grams. Socke had to press hard before these four were born. But everything went well and we were happy. Not really, if only 4 are born and you count all the effort necessary and you had to drive up to Wales to find a good stud. But this is life.

On Tuesday morning around 06.00, after I got up from the couch for the 3rd time in fifteen minutes to go to the whelpingbox, because the little ones were screaming, I had to find out that one of the males was dead. He lay on his back and I thought he is drinking with Socke. Unfortunately that was not the case. He probably got under Sockes chest and could’nt breath anymore. I have tried to reanimate him immediately but without success. For the rest of the day I was disappointed, angry and without energy. Simply said sad.

This unfortunately, also belongs to the life of a breeder. Even after 40 years, I am sad again when such a beautiful and healthy puppy ends due to an accident like this.

The other 3 are satisfied and thanks to God, is Socke not able to count.

the puppyboy

Wurf Geocosmic/socke Rüde 3 Tage alt

and the 2 puppygirls

Geocosmic-Socke 1-Hündin  24-9-2011 Geocosmic-Socke 2-Hündin