5 June 2018

Holidays with Norman and Sydney on Lake Garda

Every year, the EURO OES Show takes place in another European country. This year and it is always on Pentecost it was Italy in Padenghe on Lake Garda. Here you are actually on vacation and if you are  OES crazy,  man / woman goes to Lake Garda for a long weekend. We had  “only” 1100 km one way and back 1100 km, but we called it  a vacation. On Monday  may 7th we left and 13 days  later on Sunday may 27th we  returned to Masseik. With 2 dogs vacation is not really a vacation. Certainly not when the 13-month-old Sydney is with us. She chew everything and thinks, if you let your hand hanging out of your bed in the morning at 5.30am, you wake up and it feels nice to be licked inyour face and Sydney jumps into bed. Norman is completely relaxed, he alone would have been pure relaxation. Sydney really wanted to run and play 3 times a day with Norman, but Norman did not feel like doing that. The luggage you have to take with you to spend 13 days “holiday” and to visit a show with tent and 2 dogs is a logistical task to get everything stored in your car .

Our first night we had near Lörrach/GER. A small apartment so that we and the dogs had their own rooms. If Sydney look at you with that innocence face  in the morning, you know there’s something wrong! In this case, the cable pulled out of the TV and bitten into several pieces. Never trust this poker face!

Paul had to stretch his long legs and the dogs also need exercise after a long drive through beautiful Switzerland on a rest area

Our Hotel in Padenghe/Italy


“Sydney” would love soooo much to come on the bed as well. Striclty forbidden!

Our first trip without dogs, because it was too warm and too crowded. Sirmione great place

On the way back at Desenzano we saw this impressive cornfield in which a lot of poppies were flourishing. Paul had the fit T-shirt on

On Wednesday, the weather was not so good and we drove with the dogs once around Lake Garda 157 km. In the picturesque little town of Castelletto we stopped for lunch. By now it was very warm and Sydney and Norman are hiding under the table. Sydney was in the mode for a little walk  at the pier.


on the way back we came back to the poppy field, quickly a photo taken with doggies and Conny

our morning and eveningwalk  in the huge hotel garden. After Syndey has run like a maniak  and Norman let not do himself  disturbed  it is time for a rest in the shade of the trees.

Time to read mails

and take pictures of the idyll

Restday at one of the 3 hotel pools with the dogs


my darling Norman

my one and only Norman

Evening walk on Lake Garda at Pardenghe

At the exhibition, I received very old treasures from the estate of my dear deceased friend Anita Gubler. Very old documents from 1974 to 1990 thanks to Regular Steiner for keeping these documents for me.

On our way back we stayed in Colmar / France. A very nice, very old city


On 29.5. Norman had his birthday and bought these dog biscuits for him in Brescia