26 February 2019

Multitalent “Kino aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”

Katrin and Jörg Wolff  send greetings from the Bergisches Land in Germany

 We finally have time to take photos.

In a nutshell: The Bobtail is fine. “Biene” (Kino aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) is alive and well. Shamba our old Tibi passed away last year. He was almost 16 years old. “Biene” missed him a lot. Since last year we have “Wamo”. Both understand each other well. We have been traveling a lot with the two. We were in Saxon Switzerland, in Switzerland on the Matterhorn and on the Mecklenburg Lake Plate for paddling. It was very funny. Our little “Bien” loves boating, hiking is not so popular with her. Nevertheless, she walks with us, even if she has to stand again and again and stay everywhere and watching the landscape.

Many greetings from us!

Katrin, Jörg, Biene und Wamo