21 February 2018

January and February 2018

In January, most diligent exhibitors were in hibernation. Only the Horschler family made their way to CACIB in Nuremberg / GER on 14.1.2018. “Macho” Ch. On Top from the Elbe-Urstromtal won the Res-CACIB and CAC in the champion class of Austrian Ms. Soltez.

On Tuesday the 13.2.2018 was “Macho” In Wellness temple in Masseik / B. That’s the result I was more than satisfied with:

On Sunday the 18-2-2018 on the CAC in Luxembourg wrote the Austrian judge Mrs. Heidi Poschacher in the judge’s report of “Macho”: The dog must be better brushed and cared for …….. Excellent in the champion class. After 45 years I seem to have to go back to school and learn how to brush a bobtail properly.

On 14.1.2018 Willy van Opijnen was with her “Pipa Middelton from the Elbe-Urstromtal” on the champion gala of the Raad van Beheer in Apeldoorn / NL. You can only participate in this show if the dog has become Dutch Champion or won place 1 to 3 in the group . So an honor to walk here with his dog on the catwalk.

Done and wait

so it is more comfortable

on the  Catwalk Willy and “Pipa”

After a long break, I have allowed myself once again an exhibition. Eindhoven / NL only 56 km away on Friday the 2-2-2018. The judge was from Portugal Mr. F.S.C. Janeiro. Since that day he is on my “Never Again List” in 1st place! I have never experienced a judge in 45 years who behaves so wrong, besides, he was very rough with the dog and pulled on the beard to see the dentition. If you want to know more about this persona non grata, you can contact me privately.

My “Anna” Q’Anna Anka aus dem Elbe Ursatromtal had her first show with this man, he found her way too loose everywhere and gave her a promise. I love my Anna and think that she is a beautiful OES girl with the most lovely nature that you could wish for. Fortunately, she has not been reluctant to be exhibited after the  this crude judge.

Anna the evening before the show

“Sydney”  Queensize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtalwas also on her first show and started in youth class. Amazingly, the judge found nothing bad in her and she won the youth class with J-CAC.

Also in the evening before the show

in Eindhoven

Queensize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal 1. Jugendklasse,   Pipa’s Secret of Snowboot Bears CACIB, BOS Intermediate class,  Brinkley Moonlight N’Rooses Res-CACIB Open class

18-2-2018 CAC Show in Luxembourg, judge Mrs. Heidi Poschacher / Austria. The Bobtail exhibitors agreed that we found the judge reports more than strange. In a males from France everything was described with Excellent, but he received a very good. With the well winning males from the intermediate class she told the owner that she can not breed with this dog, because the lower 2 front teeth were slightly smaller than the 4 others and gave him a very good. The owner was so angry that she never wants to exhibit.

Champion “On Top from the Elbe-Urstromtal” was badly brushed!

I wonder, am I still having fun exhibiting?

“Anna” Q’Anna Anka aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal was there again. Only in the puppy class. This time she got a very promising


“Sydney” Queensize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

links ist Sydney “Queensize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal in 2nd place in youth class. She is 10 months and the judge wrote that her coat is still too soft. In the first place was “Qualtity Time Law of Paris of Snowboat Bears, 12 months old here she found the coat wonderfully developed.

Pipa Middelton”  it was only enough for the 2nd place. 1st place and BOB“Happy Freule from Rocky’s Desteney

We drove home after finishing the judgeing  at 12 o’clock and did not wait with Anna for the “Best Baby in Show” competition.

On 10./11.-02-2018 took place a double Show  in Brno in the Czech Republic. Denisa and Martin were for the first time in the youth class with their Q’Mona Lisa from the Elbe-Urstromtal at the start. On both days she got the 3rd place. The judges were Alexei Belkin and Kirill Barbosov both from Russia.

Mona Lisa and Martin. She is the litter sister to Sydney

Martha “Obsession aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal was traveling in England with  her owner, Dr. Ann Hodgson. They  drove to the CC show and the ensuing open show at the North Eastern OES club, Mrs. Coggins judge at the CC show and Mrs. Helen Woods at the open show, both from the UK. “Martha” won the Postgarduate Class on both shows.