5 June 2018

EURO OES Show Italy 20-5-2018

Every year, the EURO OES Show takes place in another European country. Last year it was the Czech Republic, next year it will be Hungary for the first time. This year and it is always on Pentecost it was Italy in Padenghe on Lake Garda. Here you are actually on vacation and if you are OES crazy, man / woman goes to Lake Garda for a long weekend. Or you fly in from New Zealand, Uruguay, USA or anywhere else. There were more than 300 people registered at the gala dinner and registered on the show itself over 150 OES.

All results and photos can be found here: http://www.oes-bobtail.de/euroshow1000000.html

We drove “only” 1100 km out and 1100 km back, but we calles it a vacation. On Monday nay 7th we left and 13 days  later on Sunday may 27th we  returned back to Masseik. With 2 dogs vacation is not really a vacation. Certainly not when the 13-month-old Sydney is with us. She eats everything and thinks if your hand is hanging out of your bed in deep sleep at 5.30 in the morning  you wake up and it feels nice to get wet licks in your face from  Sydney and she  jumps into  your bed. Norman is completely relaxed, he alone would have been pure relaxation. Sydney really wanted to run and play 3 times a day with Norman, but Norman did not feel like doing that. Then it is Saturday and it is washing and brushing day in the hotel. The luggage you have to take along to spend 13 days “holiday” and participate in a show with tent and 2 dogs is a logistical challenge until everything is stored in your car.

In the hotel on the first floor right in front of our door to the hotel room. Norman was almost done

The show was on Sunday on the wonderful Hotelgarden

My thanks go to the photographers who sent me this great photo’s.

Multi Ch. “Norman Harrison from the Elbe-Urstromtal” was in the champion class at the start, with 15 males

Judge for the open, intermediate and champion class was dr. A, Hodgenson / GB


Norman was 2nd in this class. Many people gave me wonderful compliments about Norman, especially about his great movement

“Sydney” aka “Queensize aus dem  Elbe-Urstromtal” won the big youth class over 17 females. Judge was Mrs. A. King / UK

a part of the Hugh Juniorclass bitches

2nd rights Q’Mona Lisa aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, Sydney littersister, herself 1st from right

the 4 placed juniorbitches

“Sydney” in the competition for best bitch